Book Progress Report

Book Progress Report

Latest News December 21, 2017 4

After 3 years of research and 12 months working on chapters for our final publication; the team is presently in the editing mode and making final decisions on layout and cover design. We hope to have the manuscript to the printers by March, allowing for a book launch in... Read more
Scotton Village Hall Exhibition
On Friday night (16th June) we had our latest exhibition in Scotton. Over a hundred locals came out in support of the event. We interspersed new material, alongside aspects of our previous research. We had a number of newly discovered ‘finds’ on display, new translations relating to the chantry... Read more
Medieval Day Exhibition at Knaresborough Castle
On Sunday the 28th of May we took part in the Medieval Day at the Castle. Fantastic weather and a fantastic turnout. We exhibited a small display of our work on the ‘Scotton Heritage Project’ and we were delighted by the interest shown by visitors, both locals and tourists.... Read more
Latest ‘Finds’
In April we visited two pastures in Scotton in which we had gained permission to metal detect. On our first morning visit we undertook a thorough examination of one pasture and dug approximately twenty small holes finding a wide variety of metal objects. Most of the objects were modern... Read more
Scotton Feast Exhibition
On Saturday 24th Sept we joined the community of Scotton in celebrating their annual ‘Feast’. We held  an exhibition including a ‘finds’ cabinet, displays of farming, industry and Guy Fawkes connections, a powerpoint, map folders and team members were available to discuss and receive information about the historic village.... Read more
Scotton Heritage Walks
We have had two very successful evening walks around the village, both events were fully booked with 15 local people each time. Dave Hunt the Claro Community Archaeology Group chairman lead both walks. Meeting at the village hall the walk took them around the village looking at the vernacular... Read more
Scotton Heritage Exhibition
On Friday evening 22nd April we held a very successful event at Scotton Village Hall. We arranged the displays around the hall as ‘topic stations’ for people to visit, view and ask questions. The event attracted many local people, eager to learn more about our research and add their... Read more
Remembrance Day Scotton 2015
  Remembrance Day 2015 was a special one for the pupils of Scotton Lingerfield Primary School. They had been working all term on the backgrounds of soldiers remembered on the Scotton War Memorial. Groups of pupils who had researched individual soldiers presented their findings at a memorial service held... Read more
Scotton Lingerfield School Great War Workshops
On Thursday 15th October as part of  a ‘Great War Module’ the students of Scotton Lingerfield School were introduced to Scott Knowles a WWI re-enactor. The impact of a fully kitted out ‘World War I Tommy’ caught the students imagination and during the course of his engaging talk, learnt... Read more
Scotton Dig Day

Scotton Dig Day

Latest News October 18, 2015 1

On Sunday the 18th Oct we had a very successful ‘Scotton Dig Day’. The activities included digging a trench, a geophysical survey, dowsing ,metal detecting and a heritage walk through the village. Also, was a large exhibition in the village hall and we chatted to locals throughout the day.... Read more